Re: [Bug 5156] 3.4.2 XML Representation of Complex Type Definitions

The Schema working group has produced a draft answering one of the bugs I 
opened against Schema 1.1 that SML endorsed as a working group.  Please 
see the first link below for history, second for a bit more clarification 
on which of the original changes were made and in what form.  If you 
disagree with their draft resolution, please register your comments on the 
SML list so we can decide if they represent the working group's consensus; 
if no comments are received by Nov 5 end of day, I will conclude we have 
consensus to accept their draft resolution and append that message to the 
bug.  Independent of the SML working group's opinion, if you have any 
objections you may of course register those personally (just be clear that 
you are doing so in that role, and not on behalf of the working group as a 
whole) by commenting in the bug.

Best Regards, John

Received on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 18:07:00 UTC