[Bug 5306] SML-IF header information


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------- Comment #5 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2008-01-21 15:14 -------
Proposal in comment #4 accepted with the following changes:

In proposed 5.1.1:
 - change sentence to: This value MUST be "1.1". [note to editors] Optionally,
add non-normative note that this value will be different for future versions of
this specification.

 - change following sentence to: Consumers MUST attempt to process an SML-IF
document regardless of the value of the SMLIFVersion attribute.  

 - Remove sentence: Consumers MAY abort if they encounter a data feature that
they do not understand.

-  Change last sentence and move to an appropriate place: The SMLIFVersion
number may assist in debugging the cause of any identified errors.

- Remove last sentence in proposes 5.1.1: "No assumption SHOULD..."

Schema is per next comment.

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