[Bug 5382] Clarifying intention of section 4.4


------- Comment #1 from sandygao@ca.ibm.com  2008-01-16 20:25 -------
Agree that "this proposal" needs to be fixed.

For an SML-IF document, there are 2 kinds of validation that can be performed.
One is to check whether it is a valid IF document, by validating it against the
IF schema. This only checks the structure of the document (e.g. <instances>
contains <document>s).

The other kind of validation is to check whether the model being packaged in
this IF document is valid, by performing "SML model validation" (e.g. check SML
references, Schematron rules).

To ensure inter-op, the IF spec needs to provide enough constraints to ensure
that the second kind of (model) validation always produces the same result for
the same IF document.

This explains why "schema binding", though an IF mechanism, is specifically for
SML model validation.

That said, if the quoted sentence (after fixing "this proposal") confused one
WG member, then it may confuse other readers too. Some word-smithing may be
required. Not my expertise (and it was me who produced this confusing

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