[Bug 4675] add text in section 5.3.3 to require that consumers and producers are required to implement at a minimum the uri scheme


------- Comment #28 from kirk.wilson@ca.com  2008-01-10 21:08 -------
The names "Minimal Conformance"/"Full Conformance" seem to be unnecessarily
evaluative and, in the case of the former, may convey undesirable connotations
("I just did enough to get by to call myself conformant.").  More objective
names should be selected that describe what is going on in these types of
conformance.   The current names might also imply a scale of conformance from
minimal to full with possible inbetween levels.

For "Minimal Conformance" I would suggest "Specification Conformance" or just
"Conformance".  For "Full Conformance", we might be use "Reference Conformance"
or "URI Conformance."  The difference between just "Conformance" and
"Reference/URI Conformance" would then also convey the idea that "Reference
Conformance" is an extension of (standard) conformance related to reference

Received on Thursday, 10 January 2008 21:08:45 UTC