[w3c sml] [minutes] [vers 2] 2007-12-13 SML Teleconf Minutes

Attached is the revised version of the 12-13 minutes.


1.	Change "Kirk, " to "Note to Kirk: " in Pratul's IRC comment in
5063 (removing the possibility the interpreting the comma as a comma of
2.	Added text provided by Kumar regarding his explanation of the
5063 proposal.


I also assigned an unassigned statement, "I'm also having trouble
understanding Sandy", in section 5063.  In the context, it looked as if
it were made by MSM-which is highly unlikely.  In fact, I typed that
statement (as myself, not the scribe) into the IRC.  I added the tag to
assign that statement to me for clarification.


Kirk Wilson, Ph.D.
CA Inc.
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Intellectual Property and Standards
Council of Technical Excellence

Tele: + 1 603 823-7146 (preferred)
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