[Bug 5797] SML validity appeal to schema-validity is underspecified


Pratul Dublish <pratul.dublish@microsoft.com> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Pratul Dublish <pratul.dublish@microsoft.com>  2008-08-21 19:12:11 ---
Make the following change to Item 1 of the definition of valid SML model and
remove Item 8 from the definition of conforming SML validators

 In each instance document in the model which is bound to a schema,
 the [validity] property of the root element MUST be "valid", and the
 [validity] property of all the other elements and all the attributes
 MUST NOT be "invalid", when schema validity is assessed with respect
 to any schema that is bound to this instance document. The assessment
 starts at the root element with no stipulated declaration or
 definition. [XML Schema Structures].
 The schema-validity of instance documents not bound to any
 schema does not contribute to the validity or invalidity of the 

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