[Bug 5543] SML URI seems overconstrained


--- Comment #15 from Sandy Gao <sandygao@ca.ibm.com>  2008-08-21 03:39:49 ---
A couple of comments.

1. The new bullet "ii" doesn't read very well, and it seems to have a

I think it'd be better to say "..., then the reference target is the element
identified ..."

Part of the first sentence takes the form "A is B", then the second sentence
says "A may be C". This looks like a contradiction to me. I think you want to
say "if there is a schema-determined ID [link], then A is B; otherwise it is
implementation defined whether A has no value or whether A is C."

2. The responsibility division between 4.3.1 and are not very clear.

4.3.1 goes through effort to compute the document (D) that potentially contains
the target, but D is not passed to In, it mentioned the
concept of "Document context", which is not a term defined in XPointer

I think it'd be easier to understand if

a. Change bullet i in 4.3.1 to something like "If ..., then the reference
target is obtained by applying the fragment component to D, as defined in
section smlxpath1() scheme."

b. Remove bullet 5 from

c. Change (the current) bullet 6 to "For a given document D, the element
targeted by a scheme instance is obtained by applying the location path in
SMLXPath1_SchemeData to the root element of D. ..."

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