[Bug 5925] Schema used to assess instance validity


--- Comment #3 from John Arwe <johnarwe@us.ibm.com>  2008-08-13 21:20:22 ---
A question on how precisely we intend to use "schema" vs "schema document(s)". 
I see that the editors used the exact proposed wording (A Good Thing), I also
remember Sandy saying that those words were written somewhat hastily and might
need to be tweaked.

IIRC, Schema folks use "schema" to mean the set of "in memory" schema
components used to assess the validity of an instance, without regard to the
origin of said components.  Thus, with respect to a single validity assessment
episode, it is always singular.

IIRC, Schema folks use "schema document(s)" to mean one or more documents, that
after parsing, result in schema components (a schema) being built.

Excerpt 1:
In each instance document in the model, the [validity] property of the root
element and all of its attributes and descendants MUST NOT be "invalid" when
schema validity is assessed with respect to any schema that is bound to this
instance document. [ XML Schema Structures ]

Comment: exactly matches my IIRC definitions.  "any schema" is valid because in
http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=5797#c2 the wg explicitly decided
that, for any given model instance document, 0 schema documents might be bound
to it... and I assume (Schema folks kindly confirm) this means it is possible
that no schema (perhaps more precisely, a schema containing zero schema
components) is used to assess the instance (laxly, per 5797).

Excerpt 2:

How schemas are bound to instance documents is not defined by this
specification. Multiple schemas may be bound to the same instance document.

Comment: by my IIRC definitions, should be changed as follows
from: Multiple schema         s may be bound
to  : Multiple schema documents may be bound

At this point I am neither advocating this nor proposing it, simply trying to
motivate our Schema experts to think about it in advance of this week's

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