Re: [w3c sml] Bug 5922 resolution - please review

Agreed, my paste from IRC was less clear than it could have been.
I just updated the bug to try and clarify, and to point to this thread on 
the public alias as confirmation of the wg's interpretation.

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08/12/2008 07:10 PM
[w3c sml] Bug 5922 resolution - please review

I want to make sure we all agree on the resolution of The last comment on 
the bug is misleading.
Comment #1 states that there are 2 proposals but, in fact, it is one 
proposal that has 2 parts. This is what the minutes state also. So both 
parts, marked Proposal 1 and proposal 2, will be implemented. The second 
part (proposal 2) has 2 alternatives that the editors will work out.
If anyone disagrees with this, speak up asap!

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