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[Bug 5121] smlif 3.4.3 SML reference schemes that are not SML-IF inter-document references

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Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 17:07:42 +0000
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           Summary: smlif 3.4.3 SML reference schemes that are not SML-IF
                    inter-document references
           Product: SML
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: Interchange Format
        AssignedTo: cmsmcq@w3.org
        ReportedBy: johnarwe@us.ibm.com
         QAContact: public-sml@w3.org

Propose we update this section to reconcile it with the recently accepted
reference proposal and to clarify where we place constraints.

(1) end of first paragraph currently states "...are not inter-document
references in the context of SML-IF."  insert before final period the
, unless the reference scheme definition deterministically specifies how
instances of the scheme are resolved and the reference scheme definition
asserts that its instances are SML-IF inter-document references

(2) end of first paragraph "Three consequences flow from this."
delete sentence

(3) first "consequence": move under 3.4.0 and reword to say
Part of successfully interchanging SML documents is communicating the links
between them, which SML-IF calls "inter-document references".  When those links
are also SML references, this implies that the consumer must understand at
least one reference scheme in each SML reference in the SML-IF document.  For
example, an SML reference that contains an SML EPR scheme instance (which is
not an inter-document reference according to its reference scheme definition)
could also contain an SML URI scheme instance (which is).

(4) second "consequence": move under 3.4.0 and reword to say
SML-IF imposes the following constraints:
* SML-IF consumers MUST implement the SML URI reference scheme, to provide a
basis for interoperability.
* SML-IF producers MAY use any reference scheme(s) to express each SML
* SML-IF producers concerned with wide interoperability SHOULD express SML
references using the SML URI reference scheme, since that is the only reference
scheme all SML-IF consumers are required to implement.

(5) third "consequence": another bullet in the list in (4) above
* SML reference scheme authors MUST be explicit about whether instances of the
scheme are SML-IF inter-document references.
--- this could also be put in the SML spec in the section defining requirements
on new reference schemes... I am agnostic on its placement personally

(6) probably need to add "SML reference scheme authors" subsection under
Conformance in whichever spec (5) lands in.
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