[Equity] Toward a definition

Draft Definition:

Equity is the continual process of providing and enhancing the web
technologies people need to succeed

It is not requiring all content providers to implement every known
accessibility markup, because some of these will be edge cases
inappropriate to certain user groups. It does require that basic
functional needs will be met so that any user with average web skills
can interact successfully with content. Also, it requires that any user
requiring additional content for those edge cases will have a clear
mechanism to obtain that additional markup in a timely manner.

<end draft>


We've discussed the notion of equity as a just outcome, exemplified by
the squiggly mathematical symbol for "approximately equal to." This is
one of two standard concepts captured by the dictionaries and refers to
legal principles.

A second definition of equity is one we have not yet considered, but I
comment it to our discussion, especially with respect to our third

* Consider equity not so much as an outcome but as a process that we
* consistently engage in to ensure that people with marginalized
* disabilities are not left out.

I put "continual" in my draft definition to capture this. But, a common
example is financial equity in some item of property, most commonly real
estate, which dictionaries define as the difference between currently
appraised value and remaining debt obligation, e.g. if your home is now
appraised at $250K, but your outstanding mortgage principle is $120K,
your equity is approximately $130K.




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