Re: AGENDA and Surveys - AGWG Meeting September 28th 2021

Hello John and all,

We’ve had a few questions about agenda item #2 so wanted to clarify. We are putting together materials for this item and will send them out when they are ready. It may not be until Monday.

To give context, there is no proposal planned for voting on Tuesday. Rather this agenda item is to begin the conversation around measuring if an instance of something is or is not accessible (or how accessible it is). We believe alternative text provides a good foundation to work from because:

  1.  it is complex enough to demonstrate the variations and potential complexity of measuring accessibility,
  2.  concrete enough that we can carefully examine and discuss the details of measuring, and
  3.  we believe everyone has a solid understanding of what is needed to make text alternatives accessible.

I hope that helps provide some background. We will be walking through the materials step-by-step in the meeting so pre-reading is not required but we will still get them to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you Chuck,

Re Item #2: Measuring Success, based on Alt Text - is there any background to that which could be reviewed prior to the call? I am struggling to understand this topic in context.



On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 4:50 PM Chuck Adams <<>> wrote:

The joint AGWG and Silver taskforce meeting will be meeting on Tuesday, 28th  September 2021 at 11.00 AM Eastern US (Length: up to 2 hours).

•         CEPC reminder (5 min)
•         Measuring Success, based on Alt Text (80 min)
•         WCAG 2.2 Focus visible (Q1-3)

•         WCAG 2.2 Visible controls (Q1-2)

Please reply with regrets to<> (only) if you would normally attend this meeting.

To connect to the meeting:

Meeting call-in and zoom information is at this non-public page:<;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!etej9p4uqNbDgS8Ib7xoeEkYajeCWnp_r83oj57yHqNzfVX5Er7ABAmtp3gkzMadTg$>

IRC:<;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!etej9p4uqNbDgS8Ib7xoeEkYajeCWnp_r83oj57yHqNzfVX5Er7ABAmtp3iamcXuHQ$> port: 6665 channel #ag

Scribe list:<;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!etej9p4uqNbDgS8Ib7xoeEkYajeCWnp_r83oj57yHqNzfVX5Er7ABAmtp3gc7O-Saw$>

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