[Reliability] Minutes of meeting of 9 November 2021

Minutes are a little sketchy because we did most of our work directly 
editing the Writing Testable WCAG 3.0 Outcomes 

We decided to move the examples and edge cases to a new Method document 
in Step 1 so the examples are preserved and definitions can be saved in 
the Glossary in Step 3.

We agreed that examples may need to be reclassified in Step 4 
(simplification) but the group should document the reason for the change 
in an editor note with the example.

We clarified that this document is a step in the broader Guideline 

We discussed and clarified how to classify and handle feedback. We set 
expectations for number of iterations.

Non-binary evaluations are now in the section on Subjectivity, which we 
will work more on next week.

Minutes <https://www.w3.org/2021/11/09-silver-reliability-minutes.html>

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