Minutes for Silver Meeting of 28 May 2021

== Summary ==

  * The *May heartbeat* draft is sliding into June (but still in Q2).
    WCAG3 Editors Draft <https://w3c.github.io/silver/guidelines/>includes:

      * new Acknowledgements section
      * introductory content moving to the Explainer
      * new Guideline: Error Prevention
      * editorial fixes

  * We are making plans for *August heartbeat* and asking all the
    subgroups what material they want in August so we can make better
      o Conformance Options wants a proposal on 3rd party content
      o probably more from Errors
      o Structured Content wants new material but need more participation
      o Accessibility for Children Community Group has restarted and
        will be working on user needs and identifying research gaps.
        This probably will not be part of the August heartbeat but is
        useful to get started.

  * Education and Outreach Working Group (EO) has asked all the
    accessibility groups to review the scripts for the *new series of
    short videos* about WCAG2 success criteria. They will not be
    specific to WCAG2 so they can be applied to WCAG3. Please look at
    the survey on the video scripts
    <https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/1/WCAGvideos_batch2thorough/> and
    give your feedback to EO.  The survey closes on 7 June.

  * W3C has a *new calendaring app
    beta test. Every working group home page has a link to their groups
    meetings and every W3C user has a "My calendar
    <https://www.w3.org/users/myprofile/calendar>" page.  It works with
    major calendaring systems.  Jeanne advises caution in creating
    meetings in draft mode.  Once the meeting is "confirmed" it
    automatically sends notifications to the list for every edit.  This
    has resulted in a lot of list spam. There is a request to give
    individuals more control over when notifications are sent.   We
    discussed putting all the subgroup meetings in the calendar app so
    that anyone who wanted to participate in a subgroup could easily
    find the meetings.

  * We reviewed the*Silver meeting schedule*.  For the next four weeks,
    we will be meeting with AGWG on Tuesdays for the first hour of their
    meeting.  Friday meetings will resume the usual schedule.

  * We reviewed the draft proposals for *new Outcome
    based on the discussion in the two ACT meetings.  ACT reviewed them
    on Thursday and commented on them. ACT individuals are forming a
    group to work with Silver Conformance Testing subgroup next week or
    the following to further develop the proposals.

== Minutes ==


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