Re: Introducing WCAG 3 Explainer document

Hi Jeanne,

1. There are images that do not load in the explainer: [Screenshot of 
said missing images](

2. I want to strongly suggest that this document is not published as a 
note but as a WAI document on the WAI site, this increases the chances 
of it being actually found and also makes it more readable – /TR/ 
documents are not.

3. This Explainer should probably replace, augment, or inform this page:

As an interested lurker, the amount of information around WCAG 3 is 
already quite overwhelming and, in my opinion, having it strewn about in 
more places does not feel helpful.

👋 Eric

On 7 May 2021, at 19:52, Jeanne Spellman wrote:

> We received comments on the WCAG3 First Public Working Draft (FPWD) 
> asking to move some of the introductory material to another document 
> and make the guidelines more prominent and easier to find.  We have 
> created an Explainer document for WCAG3 trying to follow the guidance 
> for Explainers set by the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG).
> The Explainer content is a direct move of text from the WCAG3 FPWD 
> into the Explainer or it is information taken from the WCAG3 
> Requirements and early Silver published reports. It is organized to 
> meet TAG recommendations for Explainers.
> The Explainer is intended to be a Note. There is no normative content 
> in the Explainer.
> We would like to publish the Explainer with the WCAG3 heartbeat 
> publication in May. It will be on survey next week, but we wanted to 
> introduce it.
> WCAG3 Revision (Github branch) 
> <>
> WCAG3 Explainer (Github branch)
> <>
> This is the new top level of the Table of Contents (ToC) for WCAG3:
> 1. Introduction
> 2. Normative requirements
> 3. Guidelines
> 4. Testing
> 5. Scoring
> 6. Conformance
> 7. Glossary
> The top level of the Table of Contents for WCAG3 Explainer:
> 1. Introduction
> 2. Background and development history
> 3. Goals (from WCAG3 Requirements)
> 4. Non-goals or out-of-scope (from charter and charter discussions)
> 5. Explanation behind decisions (from WCAG3 FPWD)
> 6. Research and input from industry leaders (from Silver Design Sprint
>    report) - this will be updated to Stakeholder Feedback / Opposition
>    when we finish the comments on the FPWD)


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