Minutes of the Silver meeting of 7 May 2021

== Summary ==

  * 14 May joint meeting with ACT has a preparation survey
    We will be diving deep on one Outcome.  Please read all the
    materials on it in advance and take the survey. See the wiki for
    information on the meeting
    including the Zoom info.
  * We debriefed on the joint meetings with AGWG.  People were positive
    about it and agreed it is important to work with AGWG. People
    generally wanted to continue having a joint Tuesday meeting at the
    AGWG time and have a Friday meeting for detailed Silver work.
  * Extended Acknowledgements proposal
    now has had names filled in. Please contact Jeanne or comment in the
    document if you see omissions or corrections.
  * Subgroups checked in with status on projects and material they have
    ready for May.  The May working draft (also called "the May
    heartbeat") will have most minor changes and will not be widely
    publicized. The intention is to have the August draft have major
    updates and a 60 day review period so that government agencies have
    time to review.  Errors group will have a guideline ready. The Style
    Guide is processing comments.  There was a concern about Clear Words
    guideline conflating "clear" words with "common" words.  To clarify,
    the "common" word tool is a proof of concept tool and is using
    common word dictionaries while developing more complex underlying
    rules.  This is a topic we will revisit in future drafts. 
    Conformance Options would like to have a proposal in the August
    heartbeat on 3rd Party content.
  * Jeanne introduced a draft of the WCAG3 Explainer
    This is in response to comments that we needed to simplify WCAG3 and
    make the guidelines easier to find.  Much of the Introduction and
    early sections explaining the new structure were moved to the
    Explainer.  This will be on a survey next week.

== Minutes ==

Minutes of 7 May 2021 <https://www.w3.org/2021/05/07-silver-minutes.html>

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