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Regrets due to conflict.

I do have a comment on Issue #240
It is the same that I have shared previously.

I made the following editorial suggestion that could at least in part address the concern:

4.1 Broad disability support of needs
All WCAG 3.0 guidance has tests or procedures so that the results can be verified. Some of this guidance uses true/false verification. In addition, WCAG 3.0 guidance includes other methods of measuring (for example, rubrics, sliding scale, task-completion, user research usability testing with people with disabilities, and more). This approach accommodates accounts for people whose needs are better reflected by a broad testing strategy, such as people with low vision, limited vision, or cognitive and learning disabilities. It also accounts for needs that are temporary, situational, contextual, intersectional, and those not anticipated at the time of writing.

The reasoning is the same as the Functional Needs work. Accessibility guidance absolutely serves the needs of those with disabilities. But it is so much more than that. I firmly believe we should avoid centering on disability. And by omitting the context that creates specific functional needs, we imply those needs are not also served.

Charles Hall

Senior Accessibility Designer
Invited Expert, W3C AGWG & Silver TF
Chair, W3C IDIW CG
Member, Ferndale Accessibility & Inclusion Advisory Commission

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> agenda+ Update from Errors subgroup with outcomes and guidelines
> agenda+ Discussion of Github issue 240 on changing disability model from medical to social
> agenda+ Continue discussion of options for migrating WCAG 2 AAA success criteria
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