Re: [Errors] Agenda for Wednesday 17 February

Thanks, Tim!

We cover prominence under the “contingencies” guideline:

User needs alternatives that are at least as prominent as the primary option so they can readily identify an option that will work for them.

And we cover aspects of visibility (distinguishable, visible) in other guidelines, but not prominence. Please go ahead and add that user need, and any others you come up with (that goes for everyone!).

We have included some clear language user needs and had a great discussion about whether those needs are covered under Clear Words or if we should include errors-specific outcomes related to clear language. 

That lead to a really helpful discussion about inclusion criteria for user needs that should be addressed with errors guidelines, and we came up with a few ideas as a starting point:

The user need may require different parameters to address the need in the context of errors. For example, the minimum color contrast ratio might be higher for error messages than for other content.
The user need is unique to errors. For example, programmatically associating an error message with the source of error is unique to errors.
The user need is exacerbated by errors. For example, use with anxiety may be more keenly experienced in the context of recovering from an error, and might require a specific approach to clear language.

On the User Needs Worksheet, <> Column K, with the column header “Include?” shows our rating so far in deciding whether to include the user need in the errors guidelines. So far clear language is coming up as “No — Covered by adjacent guidelines” on the Notifications worksheet. We haven’t yet completed the other worksheets but plan to work through the remaining user needs this week.

User Needs Worksheet:

We are planning to share our work so far at this Friday’s Taskforce meeting. Jeanne and Shawn, can we get about 15 minutes on the agenda? 

As ever, we welcome feedback and contributions!


> On Feb 18, 2021, at 6:09 PM, Frederick Boland <> wrote:
> Should prominence be included in user needs (as in, for example, the error notification should be at least as prominent as the source of the error)?   I didn't see it mentioned, but maybe I missed it.  Also, clear language (including readability)  should be emphasized everywhere it applies.  I saw "clear" mentioned in some places, but not everywhere.
> On Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 10:40:23 AM EST, Sarah Horton <> wrote:
> The Errors Subgroup of the Silver Taskforce meets on Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern Time. You can find call-in details at <>. Our IRC channel at <> is #silver-errors.
> Our agenda for Wednesday, 17 February 2021 is:
> agenda+ Review and discuss coding in Errors User Needs Worksheet
> agenda+ Review and discuss content categories in Errors Guidelines Worksheet
> agenda+ Discuss next steps; assign tasks
> Errors User Needs Worksheet: <>
> Errors Guidelines Worksheet: <>
> The Errors Subgroup wiki page contains information about the scope and focus of our work, background information, links to project documents, information about meetings, and minutes from past meetings: <>.
> Please feel free to join the call, even if you are not in the Subgroup, and consider joining the Subgroup. The more perspectives, the better!
> All best,
> Sarah
> Sarah Horton
> <>

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