Minutes from Silver meeting of 12 February, 2021

*Summary of the minutes

   - *Updates from sub-groups*
      - *Errors sub-group: *on track, next step guidelines, critical errors
      - *Options sub-group: *on track, confirmed that scope is text and
      non-text contrast (focusing on text right now)
         - Discussion around easily consumable summaries of what each
         sub-group is up to. Jeanne: drafting intro wiki page for
contrast sub-group
         based on editors note
      - *Functional needs sub-group: *focus has been on requirements
      database, reactivating sub-group next week
      - *Conformance testing sub-group:* new overview presentation
      links to evaluations of real sites and apps
         - Plks let Jeanne know if can help connect with accessibility
         testing researchers
      - Pls let Jeanne know if interested in *Structured Content working
      - *FPWD comments*
      - Contrast working on their comments. Jeanne kicked off editorial
      comments. Everyone is encouraged to review.
   - *Resources:*
   - Guidance on creating guidelines, methods, critical errors
      - Silver Writer XKCD tool

Richard Boardman
Senior Director, Salesforce Product Accessibility

Received on Friday, 12 February 2021 20:32:49 UTC