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Also the ratings are questionable as you might have a load more button
(extra headings might be loaded, so what is the total), what is the visual
heading (legends, labels, badges, caption element, other visual way of
expressing a heading like item etc, what is the severity or criticality of
the heading present (a mega menu might contain 20 headings right while the
main content might have 7 wrong) etc.

Op di 25 aug. 2020 om 13:30 schreef jake abma <>:

> Heading role and level property is mixed in the example, this creates
> challenges in scoring we probably do NOT want as it can get complex with
> lots of variations.
> Also there is a lot to challenge in the scoring assumptions, like:
> "Critical failures for the method or specific tests
> If headings necessary to locating the content necessary to accomplish the
> task or follow the path are not coded as headings, that is a critical
> failure "
> What if Legends <legend> are used? Makes not using headings NOT a critical
> failure (and more of those)
> When we say "headings are missing" what do we mean? It will be subjective
> when they are needed exactly in all possible scenarios.
> In short I think we might need a example completely worked out with
> consensus on all aspects in the example to base others on as we might be
> missing on validity, consistency and reliability.
> Op di 18 aug. 2020 om 01:39 schreef Jeanne Spellman <
>> Rachael, Francis and I worked on this new template for writing Methods
>> today.  I'd like to discuss it tomorrow if we have time.
>> It is a template and an example using the template.  The example uses a
>> WCAG2 Technique, because it was fast.  There is also an Appendix section
>> that you can ignore.  It's interesting to  try to do Methods based on
>> Functional Outcomes instead of guidelines.  We had to work out a lot of
>> little details of what goes where.
>> For any content subgroup that has not written any Methods yet, please try
>> it out.  If you have written Methods, you can try to to move your content
>> to this new template, or you can send me what you have and I will fill out
>> as much of the Method template as I can, and then go back to you with
>> questions.
>> Method Template and Example
>> <>

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