Template for Methods

Rachael, Francis and I worked on this new template for writing Methods 
today.  I'd like to discuss it tomorrow if we have time.

It is a template and an example using the template.  The example uses a 
WCAG2 Technique, because it was fast.  There is also an Appendix section 
that you can ignore.  It's interesting to  try to do Methods based on 
Functional Outcomes instead of guidelines.  We had to work out a lot of 
little details of what goes where.

For any content subgroup that has not written any Methods yet, please 
try it out.  If you have written Methods, you can try to to move your 
content to this new template, or you can send me what you have and I 
will fill out as much of the Method template as I can, and then go back 
to you with questions.

Method Template and Example 

Received on Monday, 17 August 2020 23:38:15 UTC