Summary & Minutes for Silver Conformance meeting of 24 September 2019

== Summary ==

The Silver Conformance subgroup reviewed results of the Face to Face 
(F2F) Silver Meeting at the W3C TPAC Conference last week. We reviewed 
some of the Challenges of Large Organizations report that came up in the 
F2F discussion, and discussed better ways of explaining the issue so 
that AGWG members would understand the larger problem and not that "we 
are letting large companies 'off the hook' ".   As we reviewed the 
additions to the Issues and Exceptions document, we discussed in more 
detail the "minimum" issue and the comments from the Silver discussion 
and the AGWG discussion later in the week, we started to discuss ways 
that we could pull the different ideas together in a proposal.  Jeanne 
and Luis agreed to start working on a proposal.

== Minutes ==

There was no scribe, so the minutes are sketchy.

Received on Thursday, 26 September 2019 21:02:14 UTC