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From: Andrew Somers <me@andysomers.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 09:50:01 -0700
Cc: Silver Task Force <public-silver@w3.org>
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To: "Hall, Charles (DET-MRM)" <Charles.Hall@mrm-mccann.com>, Denis Boudreau <dboudreau01@gmail.com>, Léonie Watson <lwatson@tetralogical.com>
WOW. That is … uh … I’ve read stories in ”Weekly World News" with more credibility that that guy, LOL.

I don’t have time to fully tear his post to shreds (maybe AngryAndrew™ will later) BUT:

1) Post starts with a picture of the AG with a leading statement implying the group of bullet points are AG’s statements which it turns out is absolutely FALSE. 

2) MOST ESPECIALLY FALSE is the completely false implication that the AG somehow endorses ”WAS”. 

3) Remaining is a leading and false narrative (with slick, official-government-looking graphics) that attempts to imply that WAS is somehow more official or somehow connected to the ADA.

4) OMG LOL It’s just a copy of WCAG with several important criteria deleted to make it easier to ”comply” which is obviously the intent so he can attract lazy businesses to ”his” standard.

5) So businesses should think TWICE and read THIS LEGAL OPINION  <https://www.huntonlaborblog.com/2019/01/articles/public-accommodations/muddy-waters-ada-website-compliance-may-become-less-murky-2019/>which includes much CASE LAW, some that does in fact elevate portions of WCAG to law. 

6) Ah WAIT there’s MORE: ”WAS" is just this guy’s (Kris Rivenburgh) OWN PROPRIETARY STANDARD that he created himself just copying some of WCAG so he can promote his own private business and website "accessible dot org" to charge a premium to unknowing clients to make them allegedly ”compliant”.

7) Would you buy a used screen-reader from this man? 

Kris Rivenburgh, itinerant websitrepreneur

Filing this for a journalistic research project I’m working on tentatively entitled ”From Snake Oil to the Internet: How Slick Graphics and Catchy Slogans Still Persuade the Gullible”.


The law link in case it does not come though (which has a completely different take):

> On Oct 15, 2019, at 7:27 AM, Hall, Charles (DET-MRM) <Charles.Hall@mrm-mccann.com> wrote:
> This is being shared for awareness. I am not taking a position on it. I am attempting to refrain from reactionary judgment. But this does have merit for consideration in the context of Silver – if only for the fact that people are still trying to rewrite guidelines.
> The New Alternative to WCAG: Web Accessibility Standards (WAS)
> https://medium.com/@krisrivenburgh/new-alternative-to-wcag-web-accessibility-standards-was-41d30d97c4ec <https://medium.com/@krisrivenburgh/new-alternative-to-wcag-web-accessibility-standards-was-41d30d97c4ec>
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