Granularity of guidelines in Silver

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Separating off this thread, I think David’s example of converting 1.3.1:

Highlights an issue with the ‘bumper’ criteria from WCAG2. I.e. they have a lot of possible methods!

Has there been any discussion about how granular we are aiming for with the guidelines?

E.g. breaking up 1.3.1 into in-page navigation and other (more specific) guidelines.

An advantage of 1.3.1 & 4.1.2 is that they basically rely on other specs (HTML & ARIA) for how you achieve them, so the ‘methods’ can be updated separately from the accessibility guidelines.

Incorporating the methods in the guideline page/description really highlights how many there are, and makes these wide-scope guidelines a disadvantage.

Is it worth adding a requirement for Silver about the granularity of criteria?

Also, I’ve referred to “advantage/disadvantage” of certain criteria from WCAG2, I don’t want to pre-suppose something based on that framework, if someone has a different way of thinking about this I’ll be quiet and listen…

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