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Minutes of Silver meeting of 22 May 2018

From: Jeanne Spellman <jspellman@spellmanconsulting.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 12:23:38 -0400
To: Silver Task Force <public-silver@w3.org>
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       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -

                  Silver Community Group Teleconference

22 May 2018


           Lauriat, alastairc, kirkwood, jeanne, JakeAbma,
           Jennison, Imelda, Roy, shari, MichaelC, chaals, jemma


           Shawn, jeanne



      * [2]Topics
          1. [3]Project management plans: project definitions &
      * [4]Summary of Action Items
      * [5]Summary of Resolutions

    <Imelda> +1

    Shawn: requirements draft

    <Lauriat> Requirements draft:

       [6] https://docs.google.com/document/d/15F4KuNXYK5q2rOgb4ktHiJQMQpAEL9EetARpMU3vD_A/edit

    Shawn: joint effort getting draft together intitial high level
    requirments doc bring to overall AG gourp in 2 weeks
    ... got great comments from Chales
    ... in particular the first two he made asuggestion for better
    ... nxt steps to rework abstract and introduction
    ... to clarify it to make more sense
    ... to do without losing intent
    ... two requirements, he rewrote them

    <Lauriat> From Chaals: "These seem to say the same thing in
    different words and not in very plain language."

    Shawn: this is the rewording

    <Lauriat> Rewording: "Silver will provide more information than
    a simple pass/fail statement. It will describe "minimal" and
    "better" methods of conforming to a requirement."

    Jeanne: i like that much better

    Shawn: potential replacement for the first two awkwwardly
    worded requirements


    chaals: we’re sending out to wroking groups thatas good
    ... when do we need

    Shawan: anything up to the day before ofr any suggestions


    Chaals: i can’t do on google docs

    Jeanne: looking at wording of number 1 and actually changes
    direction a bit more in a way I’m not sure we wnat to go


    Jeanne: not sure about it, that wold be good for ‘it may

    Chaals: generaly more useful to identify things it doesn’t do
    well on call, and think about concrete fixes outside call

    Shawn: one of the things want to do is have requirments use
    plain language, i feel I have failed at

    Chaals: i will tak a shot at it


    Shawn: once we incoroporate other comments can go into github

    Chaals: “this is still being developed” would be good to have
    at the top

    Jeanne: since you were offering to do a sentence by sentence to
    move it into git hub would be good

    <jeanne> ACTION: Chaals to move the Requirements doc to Github,
    incorporate edits and plain language editing pass.

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-178 - Move the requirements doc to
    github, incorporate edits and plain language editing pass. [on
    Charles McCathie Nevile - due 2018-05-29].

    I’m not sure if I can be heard but I can hear you

    Chaaals: alastairs’ comment makes sense

    Alastair: thinking about it from working group perspective

    Shawn: wanted to avoid some of the language of current
    guidelines. such as excluding the word “more"
    ... wanted to avoid saying doing something different than 2.1
    ... Open to better wording

    Jeann: needs that do not support a pass fail test

    Chaals: too complicated

    <chaals> [+1 to Alastair and Shawn. Something like "widest

    Chaals: agree with Alistairs sentiment of supporting widest
    posiible range of disabilities

    Alastair: bit in guidelines about people than can dig into

    Jennison: add dayes around this?

    <alastairc> chaals - would be good to review the sentence above
    the list as part of the 'more' aspect, as it starts off with a


    Chaals: add dates around this comment, shawn?

    Shawn: this was specifically when the research was done
    ... aside from a note, to add a link to the research

    Jeanne: I’ll add it right now

Project management plans: project definitions & scoping

    Shawn: project management plan, project defintion and scoping

    <Lauriat> Project plan:

       [7] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10p-8-v-XqRllBaX_eTiXXvyyDYeft8GRiN3_11V3U0w/edit

    Jennison: as part of the discussion would be good to kknow
    where we are with finding project managers

    Shawn: we held off from looking at projects, we wanted to nail
    down requirments to guid towward the requirments
    ... we knew about plain language, wwe can do in parallel with
    other things
    ... it will b3e extremely helpful. other things relay heavily
    on information architecture

    Shwaywn: we are really in need of a project manager

    Shawn: we are really in need of a project manager

    Whawn: we need to identify project manager to have it move

    <chaals> s/whawn/Shawn/

    Shawn: we have ageneral project plan but step one is kind of a
    blocker for us

    Chaals: lets figure out what tasks we can do now, give no
    formal budget

    Shawn: we have an outline, draft from project plan which is

    Shawan: what is the end goal and see how we can get there in
    various ways and how to move forward with what we have got

    Jennison: are we taking project manager out of the mix?

    Shawn: not necessarily
    ... we don’t have Inoformation architecture professionals on
    task forc3e
    ... we need to identify someone to start
    ... we cdan figure out what we want to gat out of this

    Jennison: we need to keep the recruting

    Jeanne: looks laike Charles has recruited some experts
    ... we as a group should owrk on requirments and what we need
    from them

    Jeann: we should look at requirments we are giving them could
    be the next steps for our group

    Shawn: we could start an email list, this is the goal we are
    working towards and these are the materisals, and this is our
    approach and have experts define how it works

    Jeanne: i wanted to work on that i know hoe to lead a group
    ... I wish Charles was here so I could ask him
    ... i don’t know the requirements. I gave all docs and links a
    nd major things from EO to include. We have a good inventory
    all in IA protypes folder

    Jennison: maybe we should wait for his return, unless he’s gone
    for a long time referring to Charls

    Jeanne: its in protype folder

    Shawn: I’m fine with holding to talkt to Charles

    Shaqwn: we can add it to agenda Friday

    Shawn: conformance model protype we cand do in parallel
    ... we have much clearer scoping for it

    Jeann: i can speak to confrmance, we have a number of ideas and
    refinement of model we are working towards

    Jeanne: i can make sure its ready by friday, bringing expertws
    to comment. in early June will be ready for another round of
    user input and testing
    ... i thinkk we have refined to a deeper level enough, once
    plished based on Jan’s notes we can send around for comment
    ... probable think about getting on WCAG agenda late June to
    get another round of feedback
    ... they need to be put on drive

    Shawn: for protypes should we share on github?

    Jeanne: thats a good idea
    ... last time in github found it terribly difficult

    Shawn: I have difficulities too

    <jeanne> ACTION: Jeanne to move the Conformance prototype into

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-179 - Move the conformance prototype
    into github [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2018-05-29].

    Shawn: we do have conformance model type in progress

    Jeanne: asssighn to me for now
    ... addign me to all three of these

    Shawn: github projects, is ther someone who managed before, is
    that the right way to do it? are ther better ways? best
    ... who has github foo??

    no github SME it seems

    Jeanne: Chaals has the best github expertise

    Chaals: in that case we are in trouble ;)
    ... explaining github…
    ... start out using milestones
    ... until then we should skip it

    Jeanne: I htinks its a good idea
    ... once its in github it will be esier for some to comment

    : Jeanne: once its in github it will be easier for some (the
    general community) to comment

    Jennison: you were going to talk about how microsoft has a
    clean interrfface for github and how we might leverage that

    <jeanne> ACTION: Jeanne to ask Wendy about accessible Github
    interface for MSDN and how we could possibly use that

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-180 - Ask wendy about accessible
    github interface for msdn and how we could possibly use that
    [on Jeanne F Spellman - due 2018-05-29].

    Shawn: I think the rest of projects we have noted at least
    depend on the information architecture
    ... standards and homepge design
    ... three projects at this pint, first plain language

    Jeanne; John Rochford is interested in leading

    Jeann: Andrea hooker is interested in leading it

    Jeanne: i know some of the editors, has anyhone talked to an
    editor and can give name and email address?

    Shawn: i can pin the person in Austarlia on plain language and
    information architecture, id on’t know personally

    Chaals: i know someone

    Jeanne: I will follow up iwht you Chaals

    Shawn: one thing I wanted to check on sounds like we have
    another person to manage, Charles we have him focus on
    information architecture project rather than three different
    ... didn’t want to stretch him too thin

    Jeanne: will talk to Angela and get it rolling
    ... will continue to recruit editors
    ... we can take out the organize the work item
    ... we are stetting up task and tyle guide, dont’ need organize
    as a separte line item

    i vote to remove

    Shawn: wrap up nesxt steps, i will creat a milstone in Silver
    github repository
    ... will make a milestone ‘protypeing things’ of somehting like

    Chaals: should requirments be in there
    ... there is a requirements area so will paste it there

    Shawn: anything else”?

    Jeanne: forth of July scheduling

    Shawn: wanted to check schedules, could call the week?
    ... i will be out the whole week?
    ... I will miss next three callls

    Jeqanne: i will run the meeting

    <jemma> I will be out next Tuesday and July 4

    Shari: i will be out this friday and Jan and I out whole week
    fo forth of July

    Jemma: out for holiday itself

    no problem!!


Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Chaals to move the Requirements doc to Github,
    incorporate edits and plain language editing pass.
    [NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to ask Wendy about accessible Github
    interface for MSDN and how we could possibly use that
    [NEW] ACTION: Jeanne to move the Conformance prototype into

Summary of Resolutions
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