Re: Agenda for Silver Meeting of 20 July 2018


Late apologies from me for today I'm afraid. It's coming up to bedtime for my son (7pm in UK) and I need to get him bathed and fed.

I can cover all of the things on the flavor prototype and IA next week? Or just catch up over minutes after


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From: Jeanne Spellman <>
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2018 6:05:26 PM
To: Silver Task Force
Subject: Agenda for Silver Meeting of 20 July 2018

agenda+ TPAC reminder - early bird registration fee ends 31 July

agenda+ socialize the invitation to submit prototypes

agenda+ Updated Flavours of Silver prototype and IA doc from MIkeCrabb

agenda+ Feedback from AGWG on Silver Requirements

agenda+ Silver Basics explanation doc

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