Re: Plain Language

> the guidelines must achieve something that other references do not. They must be comprehensive without room for interpretation or they aren’t definitive.

Hi Gerry,

Agreed, the question is how.

My initial thought is that the current SC level should become the guideline level, and then have tech-specific SCs under that.
(Secondarily, I’ve been thinking that the guideline-level could be based on user-need, rather than content requirements.)

Taking an example like “reflow” [1], the plain-english guideline could be:

> Guideline: Users can make content twice the default size without needing to scroll to read.
(My 1st stab at that, I’m not a plain-language expert!)

Then the HTML specific criteria could be similar to the current SC:

> Content can be presented without loss of information or functionality, and without requiring scrolling in two dimensions for:
> - Vertical scrolling content at a width equivalent to 320 CSS pixels;
> - Horizontal scrolling content at a height equivalent to 256 CSS pixels.
> Except for parts of the content which require two-dimensional layout for usage or meaning.

The iOS native version would be different, and the Android version would be different again because the technology is capable of different things.

WCAG 2.x separates by technology at the techniques level, whereas I’m suggesting it separates at the testable criteria level.




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