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From: "Hall, Charles (DET-MRM)"
> The interesting / compelling thing is that people keep doing what we have tasked ourselves to do – convey accessibility guidelines in plain and simple language. While I know this is obvious, the next compelling point is that these authors who have already done the work should be invited to contribute to prototypes that can be tested.

That’s a good point, and there is a closely related point I hope does not get missed:

For many guidelines a plain-English & concise guideline will not provide the necessary accuracy for developers and policy/legal usage.

There is one of those triangles going on, a web-accessibility guideline can be:

  *   Easy to understand
  *   Concise
  *   Accurate & testable.

Pick any two. (By accurate, I mean it is clear what content it applies to.)

Therefore we need to provide both plain English and technical version perhaps at different levels of the guidance.

For any plain-English guideline you can point to it will have to make huge assumptions about when it is applicable, or spend a lot of words describing the situations.

Do any of the prototypes tackle this aspect yet?

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