Plain Language sample of video a11y guidance [was Re: Design Sprint Report published]

Hi John (cc: to the Silver CG),

Your confusion is understandable, and I did the same thing last week.  I 
asked everyone to review a sample about simple language which is 
actually not a video.  JohnR  took the guidance that a Design Sprint 
group wrote about video accessibility and put it in simple language.  He 
created two PDFs: VideoOriginal.pdf and VideoSimple.pdf.  Here's the 
link to the folder they are in:

I assume that others in the group are experiencing the same confusion, 
so I'm sending this answer to the group list, as well.

Anyone who would like to comment on the effectiveness of the samples is 
welcome.  You can respond to this email if you have comments.  We would 
especially appreciate feedback from people with expertise in cognitive 
or reading disabilities.


On 4/23/2018 11:37 AM, John McNabb wrote:
> Hi Jeanne, on Friday you suggested we watch a John Rochford video, to 
> discuss it this week. I've looked through a bunch of Silver notes, but 
> I couldn't find this video. Where can I find it?
> Thanks,
> John

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