Design Sprint Report published

I published the Design Sprint Report as a First Draft (I have to do it 
that way in the Community Group tools) and sent it to the Accessibility 
Guidelines Working Group (AGWG).
Once AGWG has seen it, I'll promote it to final report status.  It seems 
like the most effective way to use the community group report tools.

I also made a shorter post that is a quick introduction and the 
Suggestions section from the Design Sprint Report.  We originally called 
them Recommendations, but realized at the last minute that calling them 
recommendations could be confused with W3C Recommendations (standards) 
so we changed the word to avoid confusion.

I tweeted about the shorter post, and invented a (unused) hashtag 

Please socialize as you wish.

Received on Monday, 23 April 2018 15:33:02 UTC