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use case for ShEx

From: Iovka Boneva <iovka.boneva@univ-lille1.fr>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2015 11:56:18 +0200
To: public-shex-dev@w3.org
Cc: Leandro Lovisolo <leandro@leandro.me>, Federico Ulliana <federico.ulliana@gmail.com>, Buche Patrice <Patrice.Buche@supagro.inra.fr>
Message-ID: <56178F42.8030509@univ-lille1.fr>
Here is a use case from Leandro, Federico and Patrice, that I will try 
to summarise correctly.
It is extracted from


Attached a picture of a graph (comes from slide 19/27). A ShEx for that 
graph is given below.

Leandro would like to express the following arithmetic relation between 
the three blue nodes, for all relation.

"the value outputMaxKernel is equal to the sum of solidMaxKernel and 

I was wondering whether it is currently expressible using semantic actions ?

--- The schema

<DocumentShape> { rdf:type anno:Document, anno:hasTable @<TableShape> }
<TableShape> { anno:hasForRow @<RowShape> *}
<RowShape> { anno:hasForRelation 
@<MillingSolidQuantityOutputRelationShape> }

<MillingSolidQuantityOutputRelationShape> {
   rdf:type bioraf:milling_solid_quantity_output_relation,
   core:hasAccessConcept @<SolidAccessConceptShape>,
   core:hasAccessConcept @<LiquidAccessConceptShape>,
   core:hasResultConcept @<OutputResultConceptShape>

<SolidAccessConceptShape> {
   rdf:type bioraf:biomass_quantity,
   anno:hasForFS @<FuzzySetShape>

<LiquidAccessConceptShape> {
   rdf:type bioraf:water_quantity,
   anno:hasForFS @<FuzzySetShape>

<OutputAccessConceptShape> {
   rdf:type bioraf:output_solid_constituent_quantity,
   anno:hasForFS @<FuzzySetShape>

<FuzzySetShape> {
   rdf:type anno:Scalar,
   anno:hasForFuzzyElement @<FuzzyElementShape>

<FuzzyElementShape> { anno:hasForMaxKernel xsd:string }

Iovka Boneva
Associate professor (MdC) Université de Lille
+33 6 95 75 70 25

(image/png attachment: canvas.png)

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