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Announcing OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 7.1.0

From: Hugh Williams <hwilliams@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 02:33:41 +0000
Message-Id: <F665564E-A1B9-45A8-988C-0AAF7646CB2A@openlinksw.com>
To: public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of 
Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 7.1.0:

New product features as of February 17, 2014, V7.1.0, include:

  * Engine
    - Enhancements to cost-based optimizer
    - Added optimization when splitting on scattered inserts
    - Added optimization on fetching col seg
    - Added support for multi-threaded sync/flush
    - Added support for ordered count distinct and exact p stat
    - Added new settings EnableMonitor
    - Added BIFs key_delete_replay(), set_by_graph_keywords(),
      tweak_by_graph_keywords, vec_length(), vec_ref(),
      x509_verify_array(), xenc_x509_cert_verify_array()
    - Added new functions bif_list_names() and bif_metadata()
    - Added new general-purpose HTTP auth procedure
    - Added support for local dpipes
    - Added support for session pool
    - Added option to allow restricting number of id ranges 
      for new IRIs
    - Added support for execution profile in XML format
    - Added support for PL-as-BIFs in SPARQL
    - Improved I/O for geometries in SQL
    - Fixed geo cost of non-point geos where no explicit prec
    - Fixed re-entrant lexer
    - Fixed RPC argument checks
    - Fixed memory leaks
    - Fixed compiler warnings
    - Treat single db file as a single segment with one stripe
    - Updated testsuite

   *  GEO functions
    - Added initial support for geoc_epsilon(), geometrytype(),
      st_affine() (2D trans nly), st_geometryn(), 
      st_get_bounding_box_n(), st_intersects(), st_linestring(), 
      st_numgeometries(), st_transform_by_custom_projection(), 
      st_translate(), st_transscale(), st_contains(), 
      st_may_contain(), st_may_intersect()
    - Added new BIFs for getting Z and M coords
    - Added support for <(type,type,...)type::sql:function> trick
      in order to eliminate conversion of types on function call
    - Optimization in calculation of GCB steps to make number of
      chained blocks close to square root of length of the shape
    - Fixed geo box support for large polygons
    - Fixed mp_box_copy() of long shapes
    - Fixed range checks for coordinates
    - Fixed calculation of lat/long ratio for proximity checks
    - Fixed bboxes in geo_deserialize
    - Fixed check for NAN and INF in float valued geo inx
    - Fixed check for NULL arguments
    - Minor fixes to other geo BIFs

    - Added initial support for list of quad maps in SPARQL BI
    - Added initial support for vectored IRI to ID
    - Added initial support for SPARQL valid()
    - Added new codegen for initial fill of RDB2RDF
    - Added new settings CreateGraphKeywords, QueryGraphKeywords
    - Added new SPARQL triple/group/subquery options
    - Added missing function rdf_vec_ins_triples
    - Added application/x-nice-microdata to supported SPARQL 
      results output formats
    - Added support for built-in inverse functions
    - Added support for GEO-SPARQL wkt type literal as synonym
    - Added support for the '-' operator for datetime data types
    - Fixed issues in handling GEO predicates in SPARQL
    - Fixed RDF views to use multiple quad maps
    - Fixed issues with UNION and BREAKUP
    - Fixed dynamic local for vectored
    - Fixed Transitivity support for combination of T_DIRECTION 3 
      and T_STEP (var)
    - Fixed handling of 30x redirects when calling remote endpoint
    - Fixed support for MALLOC_DEBUG inside SPARQL compiler
    - Fixed TriG parser

  * Jena & Sesame
    - Improved speed of batch delete
    - Removed unnecessary check that graph exists after remove
    - Removed unnecessary commits 
    - Replaced n.getLiteralValue().toString() with 

  * JDBC Driver
    - Added statistics for Connection Pool
    - Fixed speed of finalize

  * Conductor and DAV
    - Added trigger to delete temporary graphs used for WebID 
    - Added new CONFIGURE methods to DETs to unify folder creation
    - Added new page for managing CA root certificates
    - Added new pages for graph-level security
    - Added verify for WebDAV DET folders
    - Added creation of shared DET folders
    - Fixed creation of ETAGs for DET resources
    - Fixed DAV rewrite issue
    - Fixed DAV to use proper escape for graphs when uploading
    - Fixed issue deleting graphs
    - Fixed issue uploading bad .TTL files
    - Fixed issue with DAV QoS re-write rule for text/html
    - Fixed issue with user dba when creating DET folders
    - Fixed normalize paths procedure in WebDAV
    - Fixed reset connection variable before no file error

  * Faceted Browser
    - Added missing grants
    - Added graph param in FCT permalink
    - Changed labels in LD views
    - Changed default sort order to DATE (DESC)
    - Copied virt_rdf_label.sql locally
    - Fixed double quote escaping in literals
    - Fixed FCT datatype links
    - Fixed the curie may contain UTF-8, so mark string accordingly
    - Changed describe mode for PivotViewer link

Other links:

Virtuoso Open Source Edition:
 * Home Page: 
 * Download Page: 
 * GitHub:

OpenLink Data Spaces:
 * Home Page: 
 * SPARQL Usage Examples (re. SIOC, FOAF, AtomOWL, SKOS): 

OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT):
 * Project Page: 
 * Live Demonstration: 
 * Interactive SPARQL Demo: 

OpenLink Data Explorer (Firefox extension for RDF browsing):
 * Home Page: 

Best Regards
Hugh Williams
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