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Summary of today's teleconference: JSON-LD and FHIR Ontology requirements

From: David Booth <david@dbooth.org>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 14:30:13 -0500
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On today's teleconference we briefly discussed the potential for using 
JSON-LD for FHIR instance data, so that the same serialization could be 
processed both as regular JSON and as RDF.  Lloyd believes that if we 
able to achieve this merely by the addition of an @context link, then it 
could become a part of the standard FHIR JSON serialization.  David 
Booth and Scott Marshall offered to investigate the potential use of 
JSON-LD for this purpose.  Others are invited also.

We then discussed draft FHIR ontology requirements (#1 and #3)
There was general agreement about #3 (the need for round tripping), but 
discussion about whether to merge #1 and #3, and whether and RDF 
representation could be allowed to carry more information than a FHIR 
XML/JSON representation.

There was also discussion about what should happen if FHIR instance data 
is tagged with a profile, but that instance data is invalid according to 
that profile.  Lloyd remarked that it would be invalid, but a recipient 
may nonetheless choose to process it in some way, and this may 
complicate the desired treatment in the RDF semantics (rather than 
merely being treated as a logical inconsistency).

David requested specific proposals for wording changes to the draft 
requirements, to help speed closure.

The complete log of the meeting:

Next week Frederik Malfait will review the PhUSE work.

David Booth
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