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Prototype pharmacogenomics UI

From: Richard Boyce <rdb20@pitt.edu>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 17:39:44 -0400
Message-ID: <51E70F20.4040206@pitt.edu>
To: "public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org" <public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org>

Our group at the U of Pitt and UPMC has made further progress on 
annotation of the pharmacogenomics statements in SPLs using a semantic 
model  [1, attached] and have developed a prototype user interface which 
is demonstrated in this video 
(<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te546vOiruo>). The prototype dataset 
uses Open Data Annotation (sample graph attached) and an RDF 
representation of Structured Product Labels 
(http://purl.org/net/linkedspls). Please let us know your thoughts.

[1] Boyce, RD., Freimuth, RR., Romagnoli, KM., Pummer, T., Hochheiser, 
H., Empey, PE. Toward semantic modeling of pharmacogenomic knowledge for 
clinical and translational decision support. Proceedings of the 2013 
AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics. San Francisco, March 2013.


Richard D Boyce, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Faculty, Geriatric Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Gero-Informatics Research and Training Program
University of Pittsburgh
Office: 412-648-9219
Twitter: @bhaapgh

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