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IB2010 - Integrative Bioinformatics Symposium


The 6th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics
is being held from 22nd to 24th March 2010
in Churchill College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Online registration, the provisional programme and abstracts of the currently
list of accepted posters and demonstrations are available from the
symposium web site at:


This sixth meeting on Integrative Bioinformatics has an exciting programme
of supporting workshops and tutorials along with demonstrations of new software
that will be of interest to Bioinformaticians, Computer Scientists and other
working in, or interested in finding out more about, the developing area of integrative


Biological Data Integration and Visualisation
for Systems Biology

22nd March 2010 09:30 - 12:00

In this tutorial, we provide hands-on experience of a software system called
Ondex (www.ondex.org) that is being used in a range of different systems biology
projects in the UK. Ondex is an open source data integration platform for the
life sciences that enables data from diverse biological data sets to be integrated,
visualised as biological networks and interpreted using graph analysis techniques.

Ondex has a friendly user-interface that can be used to prepare integrated
datasets for data mining and has the ability to bring together information from
structured databases and unstructured sources, such as free text.

For more information please see programme at

Alternatively please email contact@ondex.org if you have any further questions or
wish to register your attendance at the tutorial.

EMERALD - Enhancing Data Quality
22nd March 2010 10:00 - 12:00

The focus of the workshop is to discuss and illustrate the importance of microarray
data quality and will sum up the work done by the EU EMERALD project over a three year
period. Presentations will highlight efforts on the implementation of quality metrics
and standards to and how experience from this project can be applied to new high
throughput array technologies. This workshop is freely open to all IB2010 registrants.
But, those not registered for the IB2010 conference that only wish to participate at the
EMERALD session, please register (for free) by sending an email to vidar.beisvag@ntnu.no
at the latest by 11th march 2010.

Gene Networks for Bench Scientists Workshop
24th march 14:00 - 17:30 plus 25th march 09:30 - 12:00

This workshop, aimed at lab absed scientists, provides hands-on experience with software
tools for Visualization and analysis of expression networks using BioLayout Express3D;
Assembly and Modelling of Biological Pathways; Reverse engineering of gene networks using
GeneNet and Modelling variability in gene networks using Copasi.
In order to register at this workshop, please email Paul Verrier (paul.verrier@bbsrc.ac.uk)

Topics of interest to Symposium delegates include:
Data integration and knowledge management
Errors and inconsistencies in biological databases
Combined dry- and wet-lab studies
Prediction and integration of metabolic and regulatory networks
Genotype-phenotype linkage
Protein-protein interactions
Integrative microarray modelling and analyses
Integrative approaches for drug design
Virtual cell modelling
Tool integration and workflow systems
Computational systems biology
Integrative modelling and simulation frameworks
Integrative data and text mining approaches
Network analysis
Data visualisation and visual analytics

Further information can be obtained from
Paul Verrier (paul.verrier@bbsrc.ac.uk)
Chris Rawlings (chris.rawlings@bbsrc.ac.uk)
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