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IB2010 - Integrative Bioinformatics Symposium - Cambridge UK March 2010

From: karen morris (RRes-Roth) <karen.morris@bbsrc.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:17:52 +0100
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The Integrative Bioinformatics Symposium
is being held on 22nd to 24th March 2010
in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

web site:

This sixth meeting on Integrative Bioinformatics will be of interest to
Bioinformaticians, Computer Scientists and others working in, or
interested in finding out more about, the developing area of integrative
bioinformatics. There will be opportunities to present and discuss methods,
theoretical approaches, and their practical applications.

We are now inviting submission of manuscripts to be considered for
presentation at IB2010.

The deadline for online submissions is 1st December 2009.

Accepted papers will appear in a special issue of the Journal of
Integrative Bioinformatics (http://journal.imbio.de) which will be available as the
printed conference proceedings.

To submit a paper, please visit the symposium web site where further
details can be found.

Topics of interest include:
Data integration and knowledge management
Errors and inconsistencies in biological databases
Combined dry- and wet-lab studies
Prediction and integration of metabolic and regulatory networks
Genotype-phenotype linkage
Protein-protein interactions
Integrative microarray modelling and analyses
Integrative approaches for drug design
Virtual cell modelling
Tool integration and workflow systems
Computational systems biology
Integrative modelling and simulation frameworks
Integrative data and text mining approaches
Network analysis
Data visualisation and visual analytics

Further information can be obtained from
Paul Verrier (paul.verrier@bbsrc.ac.uk)
Chris Rawlings (chris.rawlings@bbsrc.ac.uk)
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