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RE: Bill Bug Memorial

From: Luciano, Joanne S. <jluciano@mitre.org>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 08:06:33 -0400
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Joanne Luciano


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	Bill contributed so enormously and so enthusiastically to so
many research projects, including BIRN and NIF.  His extensive
knowledge, tireless efforts, good cheer, kindness, patience, and
professionalism will be deeply missed by all of us.


	Karen Skinner




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	I recently was informed of this sad and unexpected news... Bill
contributed to many important efforts including HCLSIG-- we will miss
him greatly.


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	Subject: Bill Bug Memorial


	Dear Friends:
	 Please be aware that in addition to the memorial service,
	family will be receiving visitors ("sitting shiva") at their
home at
	302 Cornell Avenue in Swarthmore, PA 19081 at the following
	(The kids are guaranteed to be there at least at shiva time,
and Amy
	will always be there.)
	On Friday, immediately following the memorial service and for
the rest
	of the day
	Sunday, May 25th, shiva services at 10 a.m, receiving visitors
	throughout the day
	Monday, May 26th, shiva services at 10 a.m., receiving visitors
	throughout the day
	Tuesday, May 27th, after dinner time, with shiva services in
	evening at 8:30 p.m.
	 We are still trying to determine a recipient  for
	that people might wish to make in loving memory of Bill.
Please stay
	tuned for more information about that.
	     Amy, Murphy and Moses Bug
	It is with deep sadness and an unbearable sense of loss that I
	inform you that my cherished brother, William John Bug, has
left this
	earth suddenly and unexpectedly.  He resided in Philadelphia
and was
	47 years old.  Bill Bug was a beloved brother, son, husband,
	and friend to so many.  He attended the Massachusetts Institute
	Technology and Columbia University and had been working in the
	of neurobiology and ontology at Drexel University and most
recently at
	the University of California - San Diego.  He will be deeply
missed by
	all.  I extend to you an invitation to celebrate Bill's life at
	service that will be held this Friday at 10am at Congregation
	Israel in Media, PA.  If you cannot attend, please remember
Bill in
	your thoughts and prayers.
	Date/Time:    Friday, May 23rd at 10am
	Location:      Congregation Beth Israel, 542 S. New Middletown
	Media, PA 19063.
	Phone:         (610) 566-4645,    Email:
info@bethisraelmedia.org <mailto:info@bethisraelmedia.org> 
	Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/4slqct
	Bill is survived by his wife Amy Bug; his sons, Murphy and
Moses Bug;
	his brother, Joel Glickman; and mother, Therese Glickman.
	I am sorry that I could not speak with you directly, but email
was the
	most timely means of delivering the message in a timely
	Please help me spread the word by immediately forwarding this
email to
	anyone in your address book who knows Bill, Amy, and the boys.
	you so much for the good times you may have shared with Bill
over the
	years.  I know that he highly valued your contributions to his
	- Joel Glickman
	joel@joelglickman.com <mailto:joel@joelglickman.com> 
	(518) 274-0053
	Jonathan (Yoni) Nissanov
	Director, Laboratory for Bioimaging and Anatomical Informatics
	Director, NeuroEngineering Group
	Associate Professor, Dept Neurobiology & Anatomy
	Drexel University College of Medicine
	2900 Queen Lane
	Philadelphia, PA 19129
	Tel: 215-991-8410
	Fax: 215-843-9367

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