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NCBO: New Call for Driving Biological Projects

From: Mark Musen <musen@stanford.edu>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 11:15:58 -0700
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The National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) is one of the seven  
National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBCs) supported by the NIH  
Roadmap (see http://bioontology.org).  With a focus on technology to  
help promote the use of ontologies in biology and medicine, the goals  
of the NCBO are closely aligned with those of the HCLSIG.

As is the case with all NCBCs, the NCBO supports a very small number  
of Driving Biological Projects (DBPs), which are biomedical research  
projects that create "applications pull" for the technology under  
development by the Center.  Our DBPs are funded directly from the  
umbrella grant that supports our Center.

The NCBO is issuing a new, open call for new DBPs that will drive the  
Center's development of technology for ontology access, management,  
and use.  The compete call for proposals for new DBPs is downloadable  
as a PDF document on our Web site (see http://bioontology.org/data/files/NCBO_DBP_RFA2.pdf) 
.  New DBPs will be selected by a review committee that will be paying  
particular attention to the scientific merit of each proposal and the  
relevance of the planned research to the Center's technological goals.
The deadline for receipt of complete proposals for the next round of  
DBPs is July 1, 2008.  I hope that this opportunity will be of  
interest to some of you.  Please be sure to contact me if I can answer  
any questions about the NCBO or the DBP program.
Mark Musen
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