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Re: ISMB Bio-Ontologies Meeting

From: <samwald@gmx.at>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 15:19:52 +0200
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Kei wrote:
> I have also seen community papers published in high-profile journals 
> such as Nature and Science. It depends on the quality of the work, but 
> it also depends on people's interest, commitment, availability ...

I think that we should focus on driving the development of our infrastructure forward: including user interfaces, integrating the other datasources that are not used in the current demo scenario, adding functionality for distributed queries. Then we should publish the end results in a high profile journal as a community paper. 
I would see Nature Biotechnology as a good candidate, since it seems to be open to such community papers and already has published a paper that is a quite general review of Semantic Web Technologies in the life sciences [1]. 
We may want to give another 'demo' to a more HCLS-oriented audience, too, but I think such a paper would have much stronger impact and would also give more 'academical reward' to all the people that have worked on it -- which is not really the case with the upcoming WWW2007 demo, since many participants are not listed as authors/presenters or are not even attending the conference. 

Matthias Samwald

[1] http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v23/n9/abs/nbt1139.html ("From XML to RDF: how semantic web technologies will change the design of 'omic' standards")

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