Re: Ambiguous names. mapping URI's to Ontology

Eric Jain wrote:
> M. Scott Marshall wrote:
>> I like this form of ontology versioning (date in the URL):
>> Notice that you can easily adjust for a different version by changing 
>> the declared namespace.
> With a database like UniProt, only a small part of the items are updated 
> with each release, wouldn't want new URIs for all the unchanged stuff!

I can see that too. However, I wasn't suggesting it for UniProt -- just 
for the ontology that could be used for identifiers.

> Also, how do you link to the latest version, with this scheme?

My first inclination is to default to the latest whenever the version 
isn't specified (this link doesn't work however, I'm not aware of how 
Manchester deals with this issue):
You can do that any number of ways, as I'm sure that you know. (apache 
rewrite-mods come to mind - just did that to remove port numbers from 
our webservices).


M. Scott Marshall

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 15:30:48 UTC