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RE: [Obi-devel] Experiment Ontology

From: Ryan Brinkman <rbrinkman@bccrc.ca>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 23:47:44 -0800
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Great to hear you are interested in collaborating with OBI. This could take place through several mechanisms. As a start you could perhaps join one of the upcoming weekly OBI conference calls (https://wiki.cbil.upenn.edu/obiwiki/index.php/ConferenceCallAgenda) and discuss your effort and the use cases that are driving your development. This could maybe include highlighting the differences and similarities in the needs you are addressing from OBI's so we can work out how best to work together? Background on this would also be appreciated ahead of time through email to the obi-devel list so we could focus discussion during the call to working out the next steps. If this sounds workable we can certainly reserve a spot in the schedule for you.


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Hi Susanna,

We did take a look at OBI, but from what I understand it didn't meet our

We would be happy to work with OBI though.



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                                       Re: Experiment Ontology             

Hi, I am note sure about the background of this 'ontology for
experiments', but you may want to look at OBI effort too:

Susie M Stephens wrote:

>Lilly has done some preliminary work on defining an ontology for
>It would be great if you could take a look at it and provide comments. The
>ontology is available at:

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