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RE: HCLS Demo at ISMB/ECCB, How to contribute to the demo?

From: Nigam Shah <nigam@stanford.edu>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 09:49:19 -0700
To: "'Matthias Samwald'" <samwald@gmx.at>, <brandizi@ebi.ac.uk>, "'Eric Neumann'" <eneumann@teranode.com>
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>Matthias Samwald wrote:

>... but the result is much
>more useful when some basic ontology design criteria are met and the
>information in the source databases is re-interpreted to form a
>meaningful ontology. Unfortunately I cannot point you to a short,
>comprehensive document that would describe the design philosophy I am
>thinking of -- this is something that still needs to be written, I
>[1] http://www.obofoundry.org/ro/
>[2] http://www.ifomis.uni-saarland.de/bfo/
>[3] http://obofoundry.org/

Barry Smith and I did a tutorial on how to make and use Biomedical
Ontologies at ISMB 2007. The handout is at http://tinyurl.com/3dxeg8.
Section 5, do's and don't's of ontology creation summarizes a lot of
the design criteria. (Section -5 contains materials provided by Barry
Smith and Andrew Spear).

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