Re: [SPAM] OpenWFE - other workflow formalisms and engines

I haven't used OpenWFE extensively but at several points in the past I had 
done some cursory research for workflow engines and common methodologies 
between engines and liked what I saw with OpenWFE, mostly because the 
workflow patterns supported seemed comprehensive, it is a well-documented 
open source project, and the exchange format for process definitions was 
an XML document.

There may be better alternatives, I can't be sure, but the concern I had 
was in not reinventing the wheel where there is a well-established 
precedent.  It seems to me that workflow / process modeling is 
quite domain agnostic.  However, in the recent ACPP teleconference, it was 
mentioned that there are already RDF vocabularies for process / workflow 
modeling that may not cover what is needed for decision support reasoning.

I wonder if that is a limitation of those particular vocabularies or the 
current state of workflow modeling methodologies (such as those used by 

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