Including the Presentation API in HTML5.2

Hello HTML,

We marked the Presentation API "at risk" in HTML5.2 because it is only 
implemented in Chrome at the moment [1].

We've since heard from Anssi Kostiainen (chair of the Second Screen WG 
)that the Presentation API recently went into CR, and that they expect 
to move to PR when there is a second implementation [2]. Anssi mentions 
that if the reference to the Presentation API is dropped from the W3C 
HTML spec it will likely mean they reference the WHAT WG version of HTML 

There is an intent to commit from Firefox [3], and two issues tracking 
progress [4] and [5], although there has been no recent activity on either.

The question is whether we should pull the Presentation API out of 
HTML5.2, or leave it there and include a warning in the HTML5.2 spec 
that indicates the current state of interoperability. We've done this 
previously, with Promise rejection handling with rejectionhandled and 
unhandledrejection events in HTML5 1 for example [6].

Comments from the WG would be welcome, either here or on the Github 
issue [2]. This is the last thing we need to decide upon before we take 
HTML5.2 to PR, so prompt responses are appreciated.


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Received on Wednesday, 11 October 2017 11:44:32 UTC