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Re: F2F agenda building (22-23 Sep at TPAC 2016)

From: Kostiainen, Anssi <anssi.kostiainen@intel.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2016 09:03:28 +0000
To: "mark a. foltz" <mfoltz@google.com>, Francois Daoust <fd@w3.org>
CC: "public-secondscreen@w3.org" <public-secondscreen@w3.org>, Mounir Lamouri <mlamouri@google.com>, Anton Vayvod <avayvod@google.com>
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Hi Mark, Francois,

> On 06 Sep 2016, at 20:37, mark a. foltz <mfoltz@google.com> wrote:
> Anssi,
> Thanks for putting this together.  Overall the agenda looks good so far.

Thanks for the agenda review.

> On Fri, Sep 2, 2016 at 4:23 AM, Kostiainen, Anssi <anssi.kostiainen@intel.com> wrote:


> So far I don't think the post-CR, pre-V2 issues will take a lot of time, which will leave extra time for discussing post-CR features, which I think is great.  I will try to skim the spec and will file issues if I see anything else that is worth discussing in this slot.

Sounds good. The Presentation API issues are roughly split in two as follows:

v1 - fixes for the Presentation API CR spec, no new features:


v2 - new features, to be integrated into the Presentation API Level 2:


I expect the work will continue in parallel for both the "Presentation API" (now at CR) and the "Presentation API Level 2" before the former reached Recommendation around Q1 2017.

I'd leave it to the editor to choose a release branch strategy and mechanics.

Btw. the draft WG Charter talks about levelling too:


> For implementation status, I plan to show a demo of an implementation of 2-UA mode, as well as the user interface we shipped.  A local WiFi hotspot and a projector with HDMI input would be helpful.

Francois - can you help with the hotspot and project request?


> We plan to share something (likely quite rough and more of a discussion vehicle at this stage).


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