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Re: [remote-playback] [meta] Publish First Public Working Draft

From: Anssi Kostiainen via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2016 11:17:18 +0000
To: public-secondscreen@w3.org
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[As agreed at the F2F][1], we will publish the First Public Working 
Draft (FPWD) of the Remote Playback API when the edits documented as 
PROPOSED RESOLUTIONs (below) have landed to the Editor's Draft. 
Time-wise, we agreed to target the end of June FPWD publication. 
Factoring in a reasonable 10 working days Call for Consensus (CfC) and
 some wiggle room, I'd like us to have a publication ready spec by 13 
June to be referenced in the FPWD CfC.

@avayvod @mounirlamouri Does this timeline sound reasonable to you?

All - please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with 
this plan.

**PROPOSED RESOLUTIONs from the F2F (land before FPWD):**

- onstatechange vs. onconnect, onconnecting, etc. (#36)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: break up the statechange into 3 
different events as described in: 
- Allow websites to stop the remote playback (#4)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: For issue #4, no "stop" method, add 
guidance that UA should provide a way to disconnect, and rename 
"connect" method into something like "showDevicePicker"
- Define the UA behavior when the disableRemotePlayback attribute is 
added during the remote playback (#6)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: Refine behavior of existing alg's for 
attribute, i.e. Promise rejections would reference it.
- Allow the user agent to choose which media element source to play 
remotely (#7)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: @avayvod to update spec to be clear 
that entire source list is considered for availability (if possible) 
and remote playback
- Specify the transition between the local and remote playback when 
changing remote.state (#25)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: @avayvod to define local and remote 
player concepts in spec as source of behavior for media element. In 
connecting/disconnected state, local player is active. In connected 
state, remote player is active.
- [Meta] Guidance for HTMLMediaElement, HTMLAudioElement, 
HTMLVideoElement behaviors during remoting (#41)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **PROPOSED RESOLUTION**: Extend the requirements doc as a 
start, best effort for UAs to reflect remote state locally otherwise.

**ACTIONs from the F2F (good to land after FPWD):**

My expectation is that these ACTIONs we are fine to address after the 
FPWD, since they seem not to alter the technical scope of the spec, 
and as such do not impact the Call for Exclusions triggered by the 
FPWD publication. We can bake these changes into the subsequent 
Working Draft publication that follows FPWD.

- Do we need remote.getAvailability()? (#39)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **ACTION**: @avayvod to craft a PR to use observe/unobserve 
pattern for availability
- Define the interaction with Media Session (#10)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **ACTION**: @mounirlamouri to update issue with comments about 
remote and local don't fight over output, and suggestion that remote 
playback can access keys. No spec changes at this juncture.
- Allow the user agent to choose which media element source to play 
remotely (#7)
 - F2F minutes: 
 - [ ] **ACTION**: Investigate HTML source selection algorithm to 
decide if it is applicable, possibly on @foolip

[1]: https://www.w3.org/2016/05/24-webscreens-minutes.html#item11

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