Re: [sdw] Analysis of Gaps in current practice (#1259)

@lvdbrink et alia:
`13.3 identifies a gap in standardized dataset and service descriptions for data portals` - OGC API-Records may help with this.

`13.4 is about dynamic and large datasets` - The UK Met office is building infrastructure to support Multi-Dimensional Data Access (MDDA), basically nD tiles, which could be though of as intermediate between the EDR API (points, areas, trajectories) and the whole dataset. Too soon for best practice, but at least real world activity. Use cases still geared to quasi-horizontal 2D tiles, but at some point, vertical 2D tiles etc may be supported. 

`13.5 identifies a gap concerning units of measure` - I understand that @dr-shorthair and colleagues have been enhancing QUDT to include all of the UCUM content, so progress and practice could be reported here. 


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