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[sdw] "collapse sidebar" doesn't free enough horizontal space (#1307)

[sdw] [SDW Best Practices Update]: Add FAIR principles to the document (#1290)

[sdw] [SDW Best Practices Update]: Adding MapML to the Best Practices document (#1300)

[sdw] [SDW Best Practices Update]: Integration of examples from Testbed 17 (#1298)

[sdw] [SDW Best Practices Update]: Integration of JSON-LD search contexts (#1299)

[sdw] Broken link in example 55 (#1303)

[sdw] example 56 repetition (#1305)

[sdw] example 58 needs to describe the Section (#1304)

[sdw] example 61 is unrealistic re geodcatap:spatialResolutionAsAngularDistance (#1306)

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Update

[sdw] Modeling remote sensing for discovery purposes (#1308)

[sdw] modeling units on properties instead of results [SOSA/SSN] (#1267)

[sdw] new commits pushed by lvdbrink

[sdw] new commits pushed by PeterParslow

[sdw] Pull Request: Update

[sdw] Pull Request: Update SDWBP FAIR thoughts.asciidoc

[sdw] Update (#1301)

[sdw] Update SDWBP FAIR thoughts.asciidoc (#1302)

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