RE: No SDW-IG meeting tomorrow (29 Apr) - reschedule for next week?

Good morning Jeremy,

I would like to report on progress made by the Maps for HTML community group since our 2020 workshop, with the objective of soliciting advice from the SDW-IG on next steps.  We've made good progress on linking spatial data, and some progress on map and feature accessibility, though much remains to be done, so it may be of general interest.

To Ted, thank you for your capable and quiet support to our group and especially for co-chairing the workshop last fall.  We couldn't have succeeded without your help.  All the best of success to you in your future efforts, and I hope to see you again at TPAC.


Thank you,


Peter Rushforth
Technology Advisor
Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation

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Subject: No SDW-IG meeting tomorrow (29 Apr) - reschedule for next week?

Good morning/day/evening all.

The next SDW-IG call is scheduled for tomorrow. But we've had a hiccup in the planning. Linda and I have had overlapping holiday and not enough communication. Which means that we don't have any confirmed topics for discussion.

So I think it's best that we cancel tomorrow's meeting and reschedule for next week if there are things we want to discuss in the plenary.

Potential topics are:
1/ Continuing the HTTP redirect discussion (see our previous discussion here [1])
2/ Geofencing (see email discussion thread [2])
3/ Updates to the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices
4/ Anything else?

Please let me know by Monday 3rd May if you're interested in discussing these topics or any others. I'll be looking for people to get the discussion started on any suggested topic - so bare that in mind :-)

If there's interest in meeting next week I suggest Thursday 6th May. Looking at times, I think we can offer some variation from our normal 60 min slot: 11.00 UTC, 12.00 UTC, and 13.00 UTC. Please let me know your preference, otherwise we'll stick with the normal 13.00 UTC.

Also - just to remind you that Clara has started work on updating the Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices. The next sub-team meeting is scheduled for Monday 10 May. Dial in details are here [3]

And finally - Ted Guild is moving on from W3C at the end of this month. I'd like to thank Ted for all his support and guidance during his tenure as our W3C team contact. Hopefully we will have news on our new team contact shortly. We'll likely see Ted around as he'll still be involved in developing Web standards. Ted: best of luck in the new job!

Best regards, Jeremy


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