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== W3C LBD reach out - 2D and 3D CAD geometry for building projects ==
Dear members of the Spatial Data Group,

This is a message of the [Linked Building Data Community Group](https://w3c-lbd-cg.github.io/lbd/). We are defining web ontologies (OWL) and methods to model buildings, including building topology, building products and properties. To make this approach more attractive for industry, we need to pay attention to geometry. However, geometry in a Linked Data context is currently considered out of scope as it is not only used in the construction industry, but also by mechanical engineers (product modelling), scientist, artists, spatial planners, chemists, etc. For this reason, we try to reach out to this group (and potential other related groups), to achieve a more uniform approach towards geometry in a Linked Data context.

Currently, based on a quick scan through the output documents of the SDW group, we mostly see (geo)spatial data used in applications for sensors, efforts regarding a time ontology, CityJSON, etc. Construction industry partners currently use a lot of CAD applications to create drawings and 3D models in different formats (DWG, OBJ, Collada, glTF, etc.). They hardly use WKT and GML and more and more of the data is 3D, so GeoSPARQL on its own cannot be used directly for common building projects trying to adapt Linked Data technologies. Another concern is that the proposed methods to use geometry in a Linked Data context should be straightforward enough (and modular), to increase the adoption by industry.

Is it currently within the scope/interests of this group to work around this kind of geometry? If so, it might be beneficial to connect between our two W3C groups to exchange ideas and use cases. I see some potential overlap with https://github.com/w3c/sdw/issues/1095 and https://github.com/opengeospatial/geosemantics-dwg/issues/9, but maybe SDW/OGC members can give better feedback here?

Best regards,

Mathias Bonduel for the W3C Linked Building Data Community Group

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